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Work Environment

From the office to the production floor, TMMI offers a work environment like few others. Fast-paced and challenging, it’s also rewarding. It’s a place where you can help shape your own job, take ownership of your own career, and have a hand in building quality into everything we do.


Building vehicles can be physically and mentally demanding. Our Production Team Members master multiple jobs, rotate to different positions throughout the day, and work overtime when required. Engineering and Skilled Trade Teams deal with constant innovation and change. Administration Team Members have their own challenges, managing everything from logistics, to public relations, to payroll. But, for those who are up to the task, working at TMMI can be very rewarding.

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Whether you’re working to ensure that materials arrive just in time, or stamping out body parts from sheet metal, your days are full. You can be challenged and challenge yourself every day. You’ll learn new skills and new approaches to problem solving. At the end of the day, you also have the satisfaction that you’re working with one of the best teams in the industry, playing a role in building some of the best vehicles on the road.

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Taking Ownership

The key to a successful career with TMMI is ownership. This applies to the task at hand and to any special projects you may find yourself part of. In production, for example, you don’t pass on mistakes, and if something is wrong, you have the ability to bring the line to a halt until that problem is traced to its source. An attitude of "whatever it takes" and a desire to see things through to the end are what winning Team Members bring to their work every day.

Opportunity for Advancement

When it comes time to promote, we look in-house first. Advancement is based on merit and not simply seniority. You’re encouraged to take ownership of your career and chart your own course forward. For those who want it, there are opportunities to move to new areas and to take on new challenges, from working on 'special projects' to working on vehicle pre-production with colleagues in the United States or Japan.

Solid Foundations

Whether you’re in school, or recently finished, TMMI can be a great starting place. For students, we offer Co-op Education opportunities through local universities. And in 2017, we launched a Summer Student Production Team Member program, which can give you an excellent base of skills, exposure to a manufacturing environment and good income during the summer months.

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You Have a Voice

We want to hear what you have to say. We maintain a Team Member website where you can participate in periodic surveys and more. We also encourage open and honest communication with your leadership team and your Team Member Relations representatives, whether it be through casual conversation or planned optional open forum sessions held during lunchtimes.

Food for Thought

Two onsite full-service cafeterias serve up a wide range of meals and snacks. Need a quick break? You’ll find stocked vending machines throughout the plant as well.