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Co-op and Engineering
Development Program


To prepare you for a TMMI career and gain relevant experience, TMMI has created a co-op program. Co-op projects can range from targeting cost or defect reductions, improving machine efficiency, collecting and analyzing production data, re-designing parts/components for improved manufacturability, analyzing/improving floor layouts, implementing safety checks and processes, among many others. Students will work on a variety of engineering assignments in one of the following groups: Body Weld, Paint, Assembly, Stamping, Plastics, Powertrain, Production Control, Production Engineering, Raw Materials, and Information Systems.

As an Engineer Co-op at Toyota you will:

  • Gain new experience related to your major
  • Participate in a world-renowned production system
  • Practice what you learn in class through hands-on applications
  • Network with professionals in your field of interest
  • Test drive a career to get a better grasp of your goals and interests
  • Expand your technical skill
  • Develop a confident, professional image


This Engineering Development Program is designed to develop skills through practical hands-on experience that will teach many aspects of our plant operations. In addition, participants will be exposed to multiple disciplines by actually doing these jobs in a highly productive environment. Toyota Indiana looks for students with some work history/experience who have participated in extracurricular activities… leadership roles are a plus For graduating high school seniors only.

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