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Employee Benefits

The Benefits

From competitive pay and benefits to a full-service, on-site fitness gyms to numerous opportunities for paid time-off, discover the many benefits of working at TMMI.

Competitive Pay

We believe in fair & competitive pay for a job well done. To ensure that our salaries remain competitive, we participate in an external salary survey every year. We review individual salaries on a twelve-month basis and hourly rates twice annually. And, we pay for all overtime — whether you work in the office or on the production floor.

Rewards & Incentives

Want rewards? We offer a bonus program to augment your base salary. For example, Team Members are eligible to earn bonuses twice yearly based on company performance and individual attendance. We also offer a discount Purchase Program to help you, and/or your immediate family members, purchase a Toyota or Lexus vehicle.

Health Care

Regular Team Members are automatically enrolled in our flexible Toyota employee benefits program. There’s no waiting involved. Using TMMI provided credits, you can choose the level of coverage that works best for your family or situation for each of the following categories:

  • Medical
  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance (Self, Spouse and Dependent)
  • Long-term Disability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Vacation & Time-Off

Time-off is crucial to a healthy work-life balance. Regular full-time Team Members are currently entitled to receive Time-Off during the year in which their first anniversary falls, and earn additional time-off after additional years of service. Scheduled paid holidays are also part of TMMI’s paid time-off program.

Stable Employment

TMMI offers a stable work environment that is second-to-none. In fact, no Regular Team Member has ever been laid off. For example, when production slowed due to the 2008 recession, we kept full-time Team Members fully engaged by offering additional training and the opportunity to undertake good work in the local community, all at full pay.

Pension & Retirement

Hard work and loyalty should always be rewarded. That’s why TMMI offers the Toyota Retirement Savings Plan. The TRSP includes a 401(k) program, a competitive Defined Contribution Pension Plan with company match, and team member contributions both before and after-tax.

Well Being

If you love to play sports, or simply relax and enjoy nature, you should check out TMMI’s softball complex and nature trail. Amenities include two softball fields, a shelter house with picnic tables and a grill, as well as a disc golf course and a nature trail.

Training & Development

The concept of ‘Continuous Improvement’ also applies to the people who work at TMMI. We offer on-the-job training, including development classes for our team members to advance to Team Leader and Group Leader positions. Online training and classroom sessions are also offered in a variety of work-related topics from computer skills to time management and coaching courses. We also offer generous incentives for Team Members who pursue educational opportunities outside of work — including reimbursement of tuition fees and books for most courses.

Engagement & Recognition

Understanding how you're doing is the key to raising performance. We like to recognize those who contribute to our success, through area teambuilding activities, business partnering groups, department diversity committees, and length of service awards.

Clothing Allowances

TMMI has a required Clothing Program for all team members. You can visit the onsite Team Store to choose the apparel that you want to wear to work. Through a points system, Toyota provides several clothing options to choose from. Additional items can be purchased if desired. TMMI also supplies personal protective equipment, including safety shoes, safety glasses, prescription safety glasses, hearing protection and gloves.